Friday, 2 March 2012

There's nothing wrong....

First lot this morning (from right) Commercial Express (Holly - runs tomorrow), Tipsy Dara (Kelly runs next week), Academy (Lucy runs next week), Isla Pearl Fisher (Amy runs next week), Four Fiddlers (Emma runs tomorrow) Papamoa (Gemma runs next week) and Flaming Thistle (Juleen)
 ... with a good thick neck.. Good Lord, shower of rain last night, whatever next, can't remember what the stuff looked like, almost welcome. Useful morning on the all-weather today, all seem good and sound, big week ahead starting with what promises to be an emotional day at Kelso tomorrow. Some excellent racing including our sponsorship of the Cyril Alexander Memorial, 20 years since he died and I am sure he would be chuffed to have two grandchildren riding at the meeting
Academy, hopefully makes his stable debut next Saturday at Ayr - hasn't been clipped all winter - how odd is that?
We run Commercial Express with Kit on board in the 4.45, 9 run and the ground will be on the dead side of good then in the 5.20 we run Four Fiddlers with Lucy on top, 11 run. We are hoping that Commercial Express can put his disappointing seasonal debut behind him, he will certainly strip a bit fitter; with Four Fiddlers it will be interesting to see if he improves with a step up in distance and this is his handicap debut though he doesn't look obviously well treated. Lucy also rides Kealigolane in the 1.55 and Red Tamber in the 3.05, we will then head for Edinburgh to celebrate Mrs A's birthday though Lucy will be away early on Sunday to Sedgefield where she has four rides, not much celebrating for her!
Papamoa, aiming for Ayr next Saturday
 We will also be celebrating the latest narrow escape in the never-ending saga of the dogs, last night the aged Tarka disappeared, couldn't find her anywhere, left the office door open for her and there she was this morning with the snare below wrapped tightly round her neck... hmmm

The snare - lovely....

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