Saturday, 10 March 2012


I have to say I'm not sure I can take much more of this media pressure, photographers, journalists and film crews and two TV interviews for Trainer himself yesterday, didn't seem to want to talk about my horses though, cost cutting seems that role of trainer has now become "man that carries tripod for lady filming stable jockey" - well, we should enjoy it while it lasts, the interest has been intense and from what I know is "in the can" the next week is going to be extraordinary, of course the jockey herself is handling it with aplomb and focussing entirely on doing her job professionally, very mature, sometimes necessarily abrupt but always in the zone.  What has made me very happy is whilst the journalists etc have turned up here to see one person they have been unanimously impressed with what is going on here, the organisation and professionalism of the team and the calm purpose displayed by horses and people, they realise they may have stumbled across another story and I am sure that when we have the right horse they will be back.
Mounting up..

Little Glenshee
 An encouraging run from Little Glenshee on her hurdling debut yesterday, 4th of 13 at 33-1, doing her best work late on after some novicey jumping, Isla Patriot didn't seem to handle the deep ground but galloped to the line to finish 7th. Today we run Papamoa in the 2.50, 7 run and Lucy rides, this is the sort of race I have been looking for all season for him and he seems very well but I am just beginning to wonder if I am barking up the wrong tree ground wise with him. We then run Tipsy Dara (Lucy) in the 3.25, 8 run, she ran well over course and distance last time, she is in good heart and this doesn't look as competitive, we then run Buffalo Ballet in the 5.40, 10 run and Lucy rides, I had been hoping to find some better ground for him but he needs to run and we will take our chance. Tomorrow we run Almost Blue at the College Valley p2p with Jamie on board, he ran well there last week and should improve on that.


Close up

Isla Patriot

In the bunch

Lucy had another fine winner yesterday on Stanley Bridge for Barry Murtagh and today she rides Last of the Bunch for him in the 4.35 and she rides Sophonie in the 4.00 and Desperate Dex in the 5.10 for Ferdy Murphy.  Pictures from yesterday courtesy of Frank Cornfield 
Cold Shoulder?

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