Friday, 11 May 2012

Ground control..

.. to Major Tom, well, Kelso abandoned, Hexham abandoned, 4 degrees, raining when I took the dogs out last night, I was frozen, came in and the weather forecast told it it might snow today, it's the middle of May for goodness sake, feel like going in to a very deep trance and seeing if I can transport my little patch of Scotland to another planet, off we go, horses and all........ hmm Mrs A thought I needed cheering up and dragged me off to local Indian and filled me full of lager and curry so now feel rather unwell, meant to be running three at Cumberland point-to-point tomorrow but now subject to inspection, still Perth next week and Lucy riding at Market Rasen this afternoon - Tiradia 1.55, Kirkhammerton 2.25, Lord Villez 2.55 and Samson Collonges 4.00..  stop press..... p2p off ... some fun pics taken by John McBroom...

It's a serious business

Isla Pearl Fisher... stabled now but on the mend
And this one from John Grossick which neatly sums up current conditions!

Thistle in the mud (Kit)

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