Friday, 4 May 2012


A fine quiet day, some schooling over hurdles and steady stuff on the riverbank sand gallop, declarations and logistics being sorted for the weekend prior to important lunch with owners past, present and future (always hopeful!) in Martin Wishart, only problem being that having only managed to celebrate IPF win with a mug of Horlicks late on Wednesday night was led astray last night by Mrs A and Clare at Cafe Tabou  force fed a T bone and far too many victuals.... I shall gird my loins...
Papamoa (Lucy)
A busy weekend beckons and tomorrow we run Academy in the 7.10 at Hexham, 9 run, Lucy rides and the ground is likely to be very soft, far from ideal and a big unknown for him but he was ballotted out at Kelso and needs more experience.  Papamoa runs in the 8.10, 7 run, Lucy rides, he gives weight to the whole field but the track and ground should suit and I would hope he will run well if it doesn't come too soon after his hard fought win at Perth last week.  Lucy also rides Kealigolane in the 6.40.  On Sunday we head to the Lauderdale p2p with an intended 5 runners at this stage...

Isla Pearl Fisher

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