Monday, 21 May 2012


A smooth morning at home prior to departing to catch the "Chairman's train" to London for 48 hours. Business to do, friends to catch up with and a trip to the Chelsea Flower Show (fish out of water?) a lot of other people on this train are heading to the same show and unfortunately there are twice as many of them as there should be, the train in front broke down and the whole lot have climbed aboard, added to that there is no hot or cold food on the train, told Mrs A that she should have made sandwiches but had to survive on cake so now feeling rather sick and a fellow passenger is having a seizure, Doctor is assuring her it's not cardiac but stress levels are rising in a train scene reminiscent of a foreign land, aircon seems to be struggling to cope and bizarrely the East Coast staff are trying to pacify the angry masses by plying them with seemingly unlimited quantities of alcohol which I am having no problem resisting, nearly there......

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