Thursday, 13 January 2011

The Brothers

We have two runners at Musselburgh tomorrow, so long as the ground isn't too soft Isla Pearl Fisher will line up in the 3.20 for Mrs Gammell with Paddy Aspell on board; it's the feature race for a good prize and the Kilmany Cup (see below if you're bored...) - it looks very competitive but he goes there with every chance.  His little brother Isla Patriot then runs in the 3.50, 13 run and Paddy rides again, this is only his second appearance on the racecourse and it will be all about gaining some experience.
Isla Pearl Fisher enters the paddock at Kelso
Back here the thaw has gained momentum with the result that all the ice and snow on the gallop has turned to water with interesting consequences, the horses were on it again today, concentrating on sprinting on the bottom two furlongs, Lucinda put a good pic of her horses working on it on her website yesterday.. , I'm going to have to let it dry out for a few days now though but hopefully we will be able to do some work on the grass tomorrow - might be quite exciting as most of the horsses won't have been on grass for eight weeks, hold on tight!  This evening Mrs A has her Ladies Supper Party to which I am not invited so it will be off to Nando's for a hot sauce competition and if I survive that a trip to the cinema beckons...

PS -  I won the Kilmany Cupas an owner in 1989 when it was run at Perth with a horse called Golden Fancy trained by my Father, the horse had been runner up on the Tuesday of the Perth Festival and won on the Thursday... how old does that make me feel...eek!  The same horse had earlier won at Musselburgh at 20-1 when he was my first ever runner as an owner, I think he has a bit to answer for.....

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