Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Conditions just won't let up, an inch of wet slushy snow last night froze this morning to create dangerously slippy conditions, frantic salting required to allow the lorry down the drive to leave for Newcastle; back onto the tractor tonight after a hazardous journey home from the races - crashes everywhere, trunk routes closed because of black ice and not one active gritter spotted in a 360 mile round trip, welcome to the Socialist Republic of Scotland, or is "No Service please we're British...." Anyway, discard grumpy mode, Johnny's 13th birthday today and looking forward to celebration dinner this evening, and I was quite happy with Seeking Power's 4th, he jumped a bit sloppily to start with but improved as the race went on, being 18hh and over 600kg he is incredibly difficult to keep fit but he galloped to the line and as he hasn't had a really stiff piece of work since November this was a perfectly respectable effort and he should come on a lot for the run, hopefully I will be able to find something for him in a couple of weeks.  Kelso abandoned so on to Musselburgh on Friday where we hope to have one or two runners.  The thaw is on its way, it's proving agonisingly slow in arriving, better news from the Northumbrians re the first point-to-point, they are hoping the more open weather will allow the season to start on Sunday 23rs after all, fingers crossed!
Seeking Power

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