Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year..

Four Fiddlers, Seeking Power and Native Coll enjoy Hogmanay at St Andrews
 .. to everyone, may it be peaceful, happy and prosperous. Sadly the smoked lobster failed the sniff test and ended up in the bin but fresh supplies are promised from the Hebrides, think Mrs A might bave inadvertently fed it to the dog though judging by the New Year surprise it had for me this morning, ah the joys, of course we are in the midst of the usual New Year routine of preparing horses, kit, staff and logistics for racing at Ayr tomorrow which will most probably be cancelled as they are forecast minus 5 tonight, gives me something to do I suppose, who wants to laze around eating and drinking (me, actually - so I cram plenty of that in too!). Greatly heartened though by being able to use (most of) the gallop again and unbelievably we were able to school on grass this morning for the first time since the twenty somethingth of November; Isla Pearl Fisher popped over the fences and Forcefield and Northern Flame over the hurdles. The latter two are due to run at Ayr tomorrow, in the 12.20 and 12.50 respectively, Lucy rides the first and Paddy Aspell the second, maximum fields of course but who cares so long as we manage to race. On Monday Native Coll and either Isla Pearl Fisher or Seeking Power are due to run depending on conditions. On another subject, am I the only person on the planet that wants to chuck up when I read of what "Sir" Elton has been up to, I really can't bear it, at least it will be interesting trying to guess who the "donor" was as Zachary grows up, if he needs thick glasses and is wearing a toupe at the age of 3 then we'll know.....

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