Friday, 28 January 2011

this pub aint big enough for the both of us

hmm, Sparks 1974, or was it "town" not pub, never mind, the gauntlet has been thrown down, Mrs A and her friends have decided to meet up in our pub tonight at exactly the same day and time that we (men) normally go there.  What do we do?  We can't go there, we wouldn't be able to hear ourselves think let alone talk and there wouldn't be room anyway, admit defeat and head elsewhere? surely not... I'm familiar with the problems that some of our eminent Clubs are having with the Equality Act but I'm not sure they have had to deal with anything as confrontational as this, bet they drink white wine as well, not even pints, I have offered to lay on some considerably superior fare here but to no avail......... we'll just have to get there first, or we could let all their tyres down (but we'll end up having to blow them up again - might be worth it)... oh dear.  I think it's a revenge act for me giving her a hard time for once again leaving her rather valuable binoculars in the Ladies loo at the point-to-point, it's just that I feel that the Clerks of the Courses probably have better things to do on Monday mornings than follow what is now becoming the rather regular ritual of searching the loos for Mrs A's bins (better move on, I'm just trying to put some content together for my application to join, actually, Mrs A of course is the rock upon which my life is built & I must stop being frivolous in case she slips something unpleasant into tonight's salmon and asparagus lasagne, that's if she remembers to put it in the oven - oops, no, that will now be my job I suppose..... anyway, just hearing rumours of a compromise, they're going to sit outside or something...)
Right, sorry about that, a fine start to the point-to-pointing season last weekend with Noir et Vert and Skipping Chapel running well prior to tiring and Amulree putting up a career best effort to finish second, most encouraging considering their disrupted training, the West Percy was well-supported and produced excellent competitive racing. No runners under rules this week but we've had a highly productive time here being able to use all the facilities properly for the first time in ages, the horses have all done loads of work on grass, we've had three schooling sessions over hurdles and fences and half a dozen have been away to work at Lucinda's. More work planned for tomorrow and then on Sunday weather permitting it will be off to the Jedforest point-to-point near Kelso where we hope to have three or four runners. Ideally we will then go to Ayr on Monday where we intend to run Forcefield and Four Fiddlers for the Earley Macdonald partnership and Northern Flame for the Peglegs, ballots to be negotiated first but they also have entries at Newcastle on Wednesday where we might run Native Coll and Seeking Power as well, going is good at Ayr and very soft at Newcastle, hopefully somewhere in between at Kelso... so, busy time, let's hope the weather behaves, we have glorious spring-like conditions today.... 

Noir et Vert (Jamie)

Noir et Vert, Buffalo Ballet & Twelve Paces head down

Buffalo Ballet (Lucy)

and stretching out...

Un-named Alflora 4yo (Emma) looks on

Playing Footsie (Gemma)

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