Thursday, 27 January 2011


It still seems a bit of a novelty to be able to actually do what we want and need to do with the horses after all that awful weather, it's a much more satisfactory state of affairs and makes the job much more enjoyable; conditions have been most benign for the time of year and although we may see a little bit of frost from time to time the long range forecast isn't bad at all (TOUCH WOOD!).
Amulree at the West Percy Point-to-Point
Today most of the horses did long steady canters on the BGF (aka "big grass field"!), they can go for a couple of miles round here and they seem to love it particularly as there a couple of hundred sheep running around to entertain them.  Apart from that this morning Almost Blue and Amulree schooled over fences and Peter came in this afternoon to school Daasij and Isla Patriot over hurdles, they were led by Lucy on Forcefield and Northern Flame.  Peter also jumped a couple of other un-named youngsters in the school.  I prefer to do most of our schooling in the afternooon, the horses have already had an hours exercise in the morning so they are more settled and we are under no time pressure so can give each of them as much time as is necessary. 

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