Sunday, 9 January 2011

well I never..

I can't believe it, "c'est incroyable," an expected light dusting of snow turned out to be four inches on Friday night & just about the same again last night, having almost seen the back of the stuff we have heaps of it everywhere again, were it not for a splendidly mild forecast I would be feeling quite glum.  Can't really understand why they had to close the airport again though ruining thousands of people's holiday plans etc, come on, four inches, it stopped just after midnight and they have to close it on a busy Saturday until mid-day, how can little old me keep my drive open with my little 40HP tractor and a 1.2m snowplough and they can't keep the runway clear, pathetic I say, asleep on the job.  Hmm, and I feed 30 plus horses first, I think I must just be more concerned about the negative consequences for me personally of my staff not being able to arrive at work at 8am than they are of cancelling and delaying dozens of flights... I suppose the man in charge of the airport probably just goes back to bed for the morning. (well I'm sure he doesn't but it does seem extraordinary). I bet they managed this morning though as the most important man in China was due to arrive in Edinburgh, don't think he would have thought much of them if he'd been diverted on account of a drop of snow.
Anyway, horses all three times up the all weather in deep fresh snow yesterday, on the walker today & goodness knows what tomorrow but they seem in good order and hopefully the weather will allow us to take up some of our engagements this week at Newcastle, Kelso and Musselburgh.  Belated stable night out in the pub last night, quite an eye opener, very entertaining, makes me feel a bit old though, nearly cranked up the snowplough on my return home, with hindsight very wise to have thought twice about that, would not have been a good move... 
Buffalo Ballet
Appears that the early point-to-point fixtures are under threat, conditions have prevented the organisers from preparing the courses, due to kick off two weeks today there is a sensible proposal being suggested that might involve the first Alnwick fixture moving back a week as Kelso look unlikely to be ready in time, we are all keen to get going and welcome as flexible an approach as possible.

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