Thursday, 6 January 2011


it was Amulree, Commercial Express and Noir et Vert's turn to go to the beach; I wasn't there but they all came back in one piece.  Back here things have dried up a little so we are able to keep the latest frost out of the all-weather and all the other horses exercised on it and in the school; it seems to be just about the only gallop in the area that isn't frozen so we had a few visits from local trainers, I think about 35 horses in all were on the gallop, it felt a bit like Newmarket!
Grania the physio has also been in and has been going through most of the horses in scrupulous detail with Gillian, I try to tell her as little as possible in advance about my concerns and am amazed by how they pick up so many things that have been on my mind.
Entries now made for Kelso, need to see whether we have anything for Catterick next Thursday now..

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