Wednesday, 18 January 2012


A change in the weather again, much milder, all-weather in good fettle so plan is for plenty of work there there this morning, interestingly still a little bit of "bone" in the sand school indicating that the grass will also still be frozen underneath, go canny, I say.  Sydney ran a better sort of race again yesterday and finished 6th beaten by a few improvers having their handicap debuts, he should have his day again and we may now put him away for a sping campaign at Hexham.  Lucy has two rides at Southwell today assuming (a) that she can find it and (b) that it passes what appears to be rather a prolonged inspection, Penton Hook in the 12.40 and Douglas in the 1.45, we will next be in action at the West Percy p2p on Sunday, weather permitting of course.
Sydney Cove (left) at Hexham - a spring campaign there beckons
By the way, if you are in need of extra excitement in your sporting holidays have a look at this, Mrs A is in the final stages of booking our trip.  Oh and another thing, quite a few horses at Ayr yesterday were particularly poorly turned out, whilst it doesn't making them run any faster trainers should recognise that the public upon whose goodwill we rely expect racehorses to appear well cared for and looked after, they certainly don't need plaited but they should at least be properly clipped and have their manes and tails in good order, otherwise they just look unloved and whether or not that is actually the case, it is certainly the perception.
STOP PRESS - Southwell goes ahead, will be on a train journey, no longer a relaxing one. 

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