Friday, 6 January 2012

A lost week?

Well, after 3 days without power it finally came on sometime last night, not sure precisely when because family Alexander were once again taking refuge in the Odeon, probably beginning to smell slightly and given a wide berth by the other cinema-goers.   All sorts of knock-on effects of both the prolonged power cut and severe storms but horses and people all well, only dark cloud remaining is the missing dog.  The stable routine was quickly adjusted to compensate for it being pitch dark from 4.15pm until 8.15am, none of the horses missed any exercise or feed and they are certainly fresh judging by this morning's exercise, the only ones that missed out were those on the barns and walker regime.  Family have survived well but it will be a while before I return to "Fife Leisure Park," the novelty of which wears thin quite quickly, I did manage a flying visit with the boys to watch Newcastle thump Manchester United on Wednesday evening, there is nothing like the roar of the Geordie fans enjoying a famous victory on a wild January night to warm the soul!
Seeking Power
Anyway, back down the road to Newcastle tomorrow where we run Seeking Power in the 1.25 and Papamoa in the 1.55, 8 run in both races, Lucy rides and the ground promises to be particularly gluey.  I was going to wait until Kelso next week with SP but seeing the bucks he was putting in as he went on to the gallop this morning I just couldn't resist declaring him in what looks like an ordinary sort of race.  Papamoa has also been very fresh and well at home, we have taken the decision to up him in class and this may backfire as he is still inexperienced after only four hurdle races but he should handle the track and going and I am hoping (expecting?) that he will also improve for stepping up in trip, we will see tomorrow!  After that nothing until Musselburgh next Friday....

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