Friday, 27 January 2012

Tipsy by name..

Northern Racing doesn't stretch to providing a "big screen" on weekdays at Newcastle with the result that most of the racegoers watch the races in the bars, this kills the atmosphere outside but creates a great atmosphere inside, Mrs A seemed to think that I became a little over-excited yesterday when cheering Tipsy Dara to an emotional first win yesterday, in fact, she thought I made a complete fool of myself, somehow getting carried away outside isn't as obvious but at least I wasn't with the owner Mark who I am sure was even more exuberant, together we would have made a right pair! A wonderful result for Mark and Jane who having had her since she was 3 were within one phone call of have her euthanased in the autumn, fortunately they decided to give her a chance with us and made the required investment (financial and emotional); she repaid us all yesterday.  Papamoa ran a similar race to last time, disappointing after showing so much early promise, we need to find the key... A quiet weekend for us I think as I think the pointers probably need a little longer to get over their exertions in the glue at Alnwick, busy for Lucy though with 3 rides at Uttoxeter tomorrow and 4 at Sedgefield on Sunday.
Tipsy Dara sails over the last at Newcastle yesterday 
A fine day here today, touch of frost but still plenty of jumping and working the horses in the schools and on the all-weather, cold forecast though, looks as if winter might finally be going to intervene, shame but we've had a good run so far....

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