Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Two more...

.. fine days and a busy time using all the different facilities and Lucinda's woodchip, yesterday with Tipsy Dara, Flaming Thistle and Northern Flame and today with Here's to Harry, Massini Man and Native Coll.  Working on the grass here yesterday were Isla Patriot, Sydney Cove and Forcefield and today Buffalo Ballet, "Flora," and Almost Blue.  Back into work after a short hold-up was Academy and we have started Goldtrek with some light work.  Plans firming up for Musselburgh and Kelso but a little concerned about frost re the latter.  Tomorrow at Catterick Lucy has 3 rides, Hennessy for Ferdy Murphy in the 2.15, the "North Yorkshire Grand National," Turbolinas for Kate Walton in the 2.45 and Big Water for Alan Swinbank in the concluding bumper at 3.45 

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