Thursday, 19 January 2012

Joy of joys!

Miracles do happen and 2012 is suddenly getting much better, yesterday afternoon a dog resembling joey was spotted by a friend being walked in the Lomond Hills, the "walker" was followed home and confronted and joey is now back in friendly hands and will be returning home tomorrow. I was in the loo on the East Coast mainline as this news was breaking via a suddenly hyperactive mobile, keen not to do a Mrs A and drop it I had to ignore it but by the time I returned to my seat I was able to break the news to Mrs A, unbelieving at first news was confirmed via photograph and emotional scenes followed, not sure what the other passengers thought was going on! Yipeeeee!
Away today but a quiet day for the horses at home after plenty of work yesterday, an hours hack around the farm and up into the forestry,weather cooler and a quick cold snap but hopefully ok again by the weekend.

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