Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Long Dark Night

After writing my blog early yesterday conditions deteriorated dramatically, on hearing of lorries blown over on nearly all the main roads to Ayr I decided it was unsafe to travel horses and withdrew them, first lot pulled out here but I could hardly walk up to the school to see them, sent them straight back in and shortly afterwards the power went off, I headed off to Ayr with Lucy but was only 20 mins down the road when they abandoned racing. Serious damage caused by the wind right across central Scotlnad and though we have lost about 50 trees and have minor storm damage to schooling fences and buildings we have escaped lightly compared with many who have my sympathy as they start to pick up the pieces. The weather was reasonable in the afternoon, a chance to launch another search party but still no sign of dog, needle in a haystack I am afraid, then time to remove branches etc from gallop prior to an early evening stables then a cinema trip. Fine morning today but still no power so morning put back 45 minutes and time to write the blog whilst I wait for the light to come up. Horses slightly surprised to be greeted by me earlier with my miners lamp but all seem well and hungry, fresh this morning no doubt so plenty of work, off to harrow the gallop now!

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