Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to one and all, may the world be a happier place in 2012.  So, how did you celebrate Hogmanay? After a fine dinner I took the dogs out with younger son Johnny, we paused to listen to an owl, as one does, a few minutes later our minds returned to the business in hand, and guess what, the dogs had vanished into thin air, plans to watch a DVD were abandoned and the next hour was spent searching high and low on the quad, in vain, alas, we still await their return.
Forcefield (left) on the beach at St Andrews this time last year.
We've had a bit of everything here in the last 48 hours, frost, rain, snow, wind just not sure if we've had any sun, still a productive couple of days with the horses working all over the place, on the grass, up the all-weather and a couple of lorry loads along to Lucinda's woodchip.  No runners today at Musselburgh but four good rides for Lucy (Andrea Bambaleo 1.50, Marsh Warbler 2.25 - Ch 4, Fred Bojangles 3.00 - Ch 4 and Optimist 3.30) so we are going along to have lunch and support her and what looks like an excellent card, there is also the slightly bizarre annual Musselburgh Sprint to enjoy. Tomorrow we run Forcefield at Ayr, Lucy rides, 7 run and the ground will be heavy.  Having blamed the overly soft and holding ground for his defeat at Kelso last time I am unsure about how he will handle the conditions but it's a good race for him and the ground is relatively fresh so I am hoping he will go through it, the meeting is subject to a precautionary inspection as a bit of snow and frost is forecast... there are small shares available in this horse who with luck will provide plenty of fun, brighten up your 2012, great value! - kinnestonracing
STOP PRESS - Mrs A reported sighting of overweight dirty yellow labrador outside back door, enjoyed party apparently, ruined ours!

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