Wednesday, 15 December 2010


Walker yesterday, riding again today, slight frost and still a lot of snow lying around, will start in school & see where we can go from there.

Alan Normile's funeral is in Perth on Monday at noon, he died at a tragically young age (36) on Saturday night.  Alan was diagnosed with cancer in the early spring and he fought the disease with characteristic courage and optimism, he was always the first to help in any situation and the last thing he wanted to do was burden others with the worries that he must have had as his ilness failed to respond to treatment, publicly at least he remained on resolutely good form and he managed to keep his horses in great form throughout his illness, testament also to the wonderful team of staff, horses and owners he had put together at Duncrievie.  Always the first to text me when I had a winner he loved everything about this sport and the horses around which it revolves.  The sport as a whole will miss him hugely, as of course will his team at Duncrievie but most of all our hearts go out to Lucy and the children and the rest of his family.

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