Thursday, 16 December 2010

All weather alright!

I didn't think I would ever feel excited to be able to rotovate our all-weather gallop but today an overnight thaw allowed us back on to it for the first time since 27th November, I now of course have to restrain myself from doing too much with them too quickly, however all the horses exercised on it today and did plenty of work, hopefully they will be back on it tomorrow.  We also were able to open up the sand school again so all artificial surfaces are back in action... for the moment.

So the Chief Executive of the BHA, Nic Coward is leaving, thank goodness for that, I am yet to meet anyone in the industry who thinks he has done a worthwhile job, it seems rather apt that his final task at the BHA is to conduct a review to decide whether or not it is worth replacing him...

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