Wednesday, 15 December 2010


All 16 horses in work had plenty of exercise in the school today, 15 minutes walk, 20 minutes trotting and 5 minutes cantering then 15 minutes to cool down.  Surface was a mixture of snow, slush and cushiontrack - fine really - and its back level tonight in preparation for whatever the weather is going to throw at us next.  Papamoa and new arrival Twelve Paces were on the horsewalker.

We have plenty of entries over the next week at Newcastle, Carlisle, Sedgefield and Musselburgh but it's to turn very cold again so I suspect more patience will be required, I couldn't be happier with the horses and all they would need would be a couple of decent pieces of work to have them spot on again but I don't want to do that if there isn't going to be any racing.... back to the forecast!

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