Monday, 6 December 2010

all dressed up..

...with nowhere to go was the story here today after another six inches of snow fell between 6am and mid-day.  We failed to get the children to school until this afternoon and I failed to attend Peter Monteith's funeral which was at 10am on the south side of Edinburgh, I tried, leaving here at 8.15 I eventually arrived back at 10.45 - the road system had seized up, not surprising, in two and a half hours of driving on some of Scotland's main arterial routes at a busy time on a snowy Monday morning I saw just one snowplough/gritting machine, it's no wonder the country can't get to work.....
Not here though, another sterling effort by the staff that managed in saw four lots out cantering in the deep snow, they rode solidly from 8 until 1 and all 16 horses had plenty of work.  Monday evening is weighing night and it was a crucial one this week, we weren't able to weigh last week and I was interested to see the effects of two weeks of freeze-up - I was delighted with the results, the fittening horses are continuing to shed kilos and the fit horses' weights are constant - big relief, we seem to have the balance right.

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