Saturday, 4 December 2010


a sigh of relief at Saturday lunchtime, only one horse (Commercial Express) left out for an impromptu 4th lot and that will be the horses' exercise for the week complete.  Lots more cantering again today in snow that was slightly heavier due to the very slight thaw that has arrived.  Only one drama when James's stirrup leather broke whislt cantering and he came off leaving Amulree to gallop fast and free across the tundra, no harm to either but it meant she had to go out again 3rd lot, all in all a satisfactory week in the circumstances, the horses that have had a run will all have maintained their fitness - those that haven't won't have made any real progress but none of them are expected to run until well into January so it shouldn't make  much difference provided we aren't held up for long.
One benefit that I have noticed from the new (hopefully temporary) regime is how some of our most headstrong horses are learning to settle, having to work in the deep snow seems to have changed them and the additional effort from having to lug themselves through the snow has stopped them simply wanting to go as fast as possible all the time, I think this will have a lasting benefit to their attitude to their work. 
Sunday tomorrow so hopefully a chance to catch up with some paperwork in the office....

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