Sunday, 5 December 2010

quiet day

A quiet Sunday on the yard, 16 horses had an hour on the horsewalker & a couple were turned out, temperatures have plummeted and are going to stay that way until late in the week, hopefully we will be able to continue with our work in the deep snow, we have to use fresh ground every day but we've only been in one field so far and there are at least 3 more big flat fields suitable for this type of exercise.

Looking at the long range forecast I am optimistic that Ayr will go ahead on Monday 13th; I would feel happier if the potential runners had a faster piece of work between now and then, no chance of doing that locally so I suspect it will be a trip to the beach at St Andrews on Wednesday or Thursday.

Managed to go to Harry Potter last night and watched football this afternoon so have successfully unscrambled my brain after rather an intense week, very disappointed by the Magpies this afternoon though.

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