Sunday, 12 December 2010

A night out with the Toon Army

"Daddy," said young Johnny, "you are what Mummy would describe as a hooligan" - this was in the car 5 minutes from home on our way to the football match, at least it was referring to my driving rather than my behaviour at the match.  Earlier in the day I had walked down the drive to collect the newpapers from the delivery man who had become stuck on the black ice, his boss telephoned Mrs A to tell her that the papers had been handed to "one of her workers" - couldn't agree more!    A thoroughly entertaining trip down to Newcastle to watch them beat Liverpool 3-1 in a thrilling match with an awesome atmosphere, stirring stuff but not enough to stop the fans venting their fury at the owner before, during, and after the game.  Having observed the disdain with which Ashley treated the stockmarket I wonder whether he actually enjoys having up to 40,000 fans of his football club continually chanting "you fat, balding,b*****d" for over two hours - all hooligans have to join in of course!
We have five declared for Ayr tomorrow but it looks like being called off and though we have plenty of entries for next weekend at Newcastle and Carlisle the long term forecast does not look good. 
I study five weather forecasts at least twice a day, it only takes a minute and none of them are particularly good (a bit like economic forecasters really) but I feel that when they show strong consensus I have something that I can rely on (unlike economists, here I usually view consensus as a useful contrary indicator!).  Based on the NWA consensus forecast there will be no racing in the North this side of Xmas, I usually try to give the horses a brief break for 3-4 days at this time of year, worm them etc - let's us all draw breath - they all cantered yesterday in conditions that were not at all satisfactory so I might decide that it would be timely to have the little break now, about 10 days earlier than normal and then concentrate on preparing them for the post Xmas/New Year racing..
.....STOP PRESS.... AYR ABANDONED....11.54am

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